Forever vs. Ever

By Jaxson

  • Forever (adverb)

    For all time, for all eternity; for a lifetime; for an infinite amount of time.

    “I shall love you forever.”

  • Forever (adverb)

    For a very long time, a seeming eternity.

    “We had to wait forever to get inside.”

  • Forever (adverb)

    Constantly or frequently.

    “You are forever nagging me.”

  • Forever (noun)

    An extremely long time.

    “I haven’t seen him in forever!”

  • Forever (noun)

    a mythical time in the infinite future that will never come.

    “Sure, I’d be happy to meet with you on the 12th of forever.”

  • Forever (adjective)

    Permanent, lasting

  • Ever (adverb)

    Always, frequently, forever.

    “It was ever thus.”

  • Ever (adverb)

    At any time.

    “If that ever happens, we’re in deep trouble”

    “He’s back and better than ever.”

  • Ever (adverb)

    In any way.

    “How can I ever get there in time?”

  • Ever (adverb)

    As intensifier following an interrogative word.

    “Was I ever glad to see you!”

    “Did I ever!”

  • Ever (adjective)

    Occurring at any time, occurring even but once during a timespan.

  • Ever (determiner)

    form of Shortening|every

  • Ever (adverb)

    at any time

    “don’t you ever regret giving up all that money?”

    “nothing ever seemed to ruffle her”

  • Ever (adverb)

    used in comparisons for emphasis

    “they felt better than ever before”

    “our biggest ever range”

  • Ever (adverb)

    at all times; always

    “caravan holidays remain as popular as ever”

    “ever the man of action, he was impatient with intellectuals”

    “they lived happily ever after”

    “he toyed with his ever-present cigar”

  • Ever (adverb)

    increasingly; constantly

    “having to borrow ever larger sums”

  • Ever (adverb)

    used for emphasis in questions expressing astonishment or outrage

    “why ever did you do it?”

    “who ever heard of a grown man being frightened of the dark?”

Oxford Dictionary

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