Foe vs. Woe

By Jaxson

  • Foe (adjective)


  • Foe (noun)

    An enemy.

  • Foe (noun)

    A unit of energy equal to 1044 joules.

  • Woe (noun)

    Great sadness or distress; a misfortune causing such sadness.


  • Woe (noun)

    Calamity, trouble.

  • Woe (noun)

    A curse; a malediction.

  • Woe (adjective)

    Woeful; sorrowful

  • Woe (interjection)

    An exclamation of grief.

  • Foe (noun)

    an enemy or opponent

    “his work was praised by friends and foes alike”

  • Woe (noun)

    great sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically)

    “the Everton tale of woe continued”

  • Woe (noun)

    things that cause sorrow or distress; troubles

    “to add to his woes, customers have been spending less”

Oxford Dictionary

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