Famous vs. Infamous

By Jaxson

  • Famous (adjective)

    Well known.

  • Famous (adjective)

    In the public eye.

    “Some people are only famous within their city.”

  • Famous (verb)

    To make famous; to bring renown to.

  • Infamous (adjective)

    Having a bad reputation, disreputable; notoriously bad, unpleasant or evil; widely known, especially for something bad.

    “He was an infamous traitor.”

    “He was an infamous perjurer.”

  • Infamous (adjective)

    Causing infamy; disgraceful.

    “This infamous deed tarnishes all involved.”

  • Infamous (adjective)

    Subject to a judicial punishment that deprived the infamous person of certain rights; this included a prohibition against holding public office, exercising the franchise, receiving a public pension, serving on a jury, or giving testimony in a court of law.


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