Familiar vs. Unfamiliar

By Jaxson

  • Familiar (adjective)

    Known to one.

    “there’s a familiar face;”

    “that tune sounds familiar”

  • Familiar (adjective)


    “I’m quite familiar with this system;”

    “she’s not familiar with manual gears”

  • Familiar (adjective)

    Intimate or friendly.

    “we are not on familiar terms;”

    “our neighbour is not familiar”

  • Familiar (adjective)

    Inappropriately intimate or friendly.

    “Don’t be familiar with me, boy!”

  • Familiar (adjective)

    Of or pertaining to a family; familial.

  • Familiar (noun)

    An attendant spirit, often in animal or even demon form.

    “The witch’s familiar was a black cat.”

  • Familiar (noun)

    A member of one’s family or household.

  • Familiar (noun)

    A close friend.

  • Familiar (noun)

    The officer of the Inquisition who arrested suspected people.

  • Unfamiliar (adjective)

    Strange, not familiar.

  • Unfamiliar (noun)

    An unfamiliar person; a stranger.

  • Familiar (adjective)

    well known from long or close association

    “a familiar voice”

    “their faces will be familiar to many of you”

  • Familiar (adjective)

    often encountered or experienced; common

    “the situation was all too familiar”

  • Familiar (adjective)

    having a good knowledge of

    “ensure that you are familiar with the heating controls”

  • Familiar (adjective)

    in close friendship; intimate

    “she had not realized they were on such familiar terms”

  • Familiar (adjective)

    informal or intimate to an inappropriate degree

    “he was being overly familiar with Gloria”

  • Familiar (noun)

    a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal

    “her familiars were her two little griffons that nested in her skirts”

  • Familiar (noun)

    a close friend or associate.

  • Familiar (noun)

    (in the Roman Catholic Church) a person rendering certain services in a pope’s or bishop’s household.

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