Fab vs. Fap

By Jaxson

  • Fab (adjective)

    fabulous (great or spectacular).

  • Fab (noun)

    A manufacturing plant which fabricates items, particularly silicon chips.

    “The chip fab will double its production next year.”

  • Fab (verb)

    To fabricate, especially in the context of fabbers

    “It uses digital data from a computer to “fab” products and models of new products. [http://www.ennex.com/~fabbers/publish/FAB-ulous.asp]”

  • Fap (adjective)


  • Fap (interjection)

    To indicate that someone (normally the speaker) is either masturbating, or inspired to by sexual arousal.

    “I was watching some porn – fap fap fap – when my computer crashed, again!”

    “She’s single?… *fap fap fap*”

  • Fap (verb)

    To masturbate.

  • Fap (noun)

    A session of masturbation.

    “I was horny, so I had a quick fap in the public restroom.”

  • Fap (noun)


    “I’ve just downloaded loads of fap for while I’m away.”

  • Fab (adjective)

    fabulous; wonderful

    “I admired the fab photography”

  • Fab (noun)

    a microchip manufacturing plant

    “the process will reduce the environmental damage caused by chip fabs”

  • Fab (noun)

    a process in a microchip manufacturing plant

    “it can only be made using five-layer fabs”

  • Fab (verb)

    produce (a microchip).

  • Fap (verb)

    (of a man) masturbate.

Oxford Dictionary

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