Expound vs. Expand

By Jaxson

  • Expound (verb)

    To set out the meaning of; to explain or discuss at length

    “spell out”

  • Expound (verb)

    To make a statement, especially at length.

    “He expounded often on the dangers of the imperial presidency.”

  • Expand (verb)

    To change (something) from a smaller form and/or size to a larger one; to spread out or lay open.

    “You can expand this compact umbrella to cover a large table.”

  • Expand (verb)

    To increase the extent, number, volume or scope of (something).

    “A flower expands its leaves.”

  • Expand (verb)

    To express (something) at length and/or in detail.

  • Expand (verb)

    To rewrite (an expression) as a longer, yet equivalent sum of terms.

    “Use the binomial theorem to expand”



    “x4 + 4x3 + 6x2 + 4x + 1.”

  • Expand (verb)

    To multiply both the numerator and the denominator of a fraction by the same natural number yielding a fraction of equal value

  • Expand (verb)

    To (be) change(d) from a smaller form/size to a larger one.

    “Many materials expand when heated.”

    “This compact umbrella expands to cover a large table.”

  • Expand (verb)

    To (be) increase(d) in extent, number, volume or scope.

  • Expand (verb)

    To speak or write at length or in detail.

    “He’s so pedantic, he expands on everything!”

  • Expand (verb)

    To feel generous or optimistic.

  • Expound (verb)

    present and explain (a theory or idea) in detail

    “he was expounding a powerful argument”

    “he declined to expound on his decision”

  • Expound (verb)

    explain the meaning of (a literary or doctrinal work)

    “the abbess expounded the scriptures to her nuns”

Oxford Dictionary

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