Evoke vs. Invoke

By Jaxson

  • Invoke

    Invoke is a company founded in 1999 and based in the United States that provides technology for a specific online market research methodology – large scale focus groups with a focus on Qual/Quant research methods.

    The company was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel and funded by Bain Capital Ventures. Since 2010, Invoke has been headquartered in the Boston area in the US and is supported by North Atlantic Capital.

    In 2014, Invoke merged with Academic Management Systems (founded in 1997 in Buffalo, NY) who developed CoursEval™. Invoke Live and CoursEval solutions empower researchers, executives, and academics to uncover immediate, actionable insights and make confident decisions – collapsing cycle times – by combining the best of qualitative and quantitative methods to yield enhanced results.

    Hundreds of educational institutions and companies within media and entertainment, CPG, HR, and technology rely on Invoke’s expert professional services and patented cloud-based platform for live, online market research events and academic course evaluation. Learn more at www.Invoke.com and www.course-evaluation.com.

  • Evoke (verb)

    To call out; to draw out or bring forth.

  • Evoke (verb)

    To cause the manifestation of something (emotion, picture, etc.) in someone’s mind or imagination.

    “Being here evokes long forgotten memories.”

    “Seeing this happen equally evokes fear and anger in me.”

    “The book evokes a detailed and lively picture of what life was like in the 19th century.”

  • Invoke (verb)

    To call upon (a person, especially a god) for help, assistance or guidance.

  • Invoke (verb)

    To appeal for validation to a (notably cited) authority.

    “In certain Christian circles, invoking the Bible constitutes irrefutable proof.”

  • Invoke (verb)

    To conjure up with incantations.

    “This satanist ritual invokes Beelzebub.”

  • Invoke (verb)

    To bring about as an inevitable consequence.

    “Blasphemy is taboo as it may invoke divine wrath.”

  • Invoke (verb)

    To solicit, petition for, appeal to a favorable attitude.

    “The envoy invoked the King of Kings’s magnanimity to reduce his province’s tribute after another draught.”

  • Invoke (verb)

    To cause (a program or subroutine) to execute.

    “Interactive programs let the users enter choices and invoke the corresponding routines.”


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