Eutectoid vs. Eutectic

By Jaxson

  • Eutectoid (adjective)

    Describing the phase-change reaction of an alloy in which, on cooling, a single solid phase transforms into two other solid phases.

  • Eutectoid (noun)

    An alloy of a composition that undergoes the eutectoid transformation.

  • Eutectic (adjective)

    Describing the chemical composition or temperature of a mixture of substances that gives the lowest temperature at which the mixture becomes fully molten. A further requirement is that that temperature is lower than the melting point of any of the pure component substances.

  • Eutectic (adjective)

    Describing the thermodynamic equilibrium conditions where a liquid coexists with two solid phases.

    “For a mixture with two components at a fixed pressure, the eutectic reaction can only happen at a fixed chemical composition and temperature, called the eutectic point.”

  • Eutectic (noun)

    A material that has the composition of a eutectic mixture or eutectic alloy

  • Eutectic (noun)

    The temperature of the eutectic point


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