Equip vs. Equipt

By Jaxson

  • Equip (verb)

    To furnish for service, or against a need or exigency; to fit out; to supply with whatever is necessary to efficient action in any way; to provide with arms or an armament, stores, munitions, rigging, etc.; — said especially of ships and of troops.

    “Gave orders for equipping a considerable fleet. rfdatek|lang=en|Ludlow”

  • Equip (verb)

    To dress up; to array; accouter.

    “The country are led astray in following the town, and equipped in a ridiculous habit, when they fancy themselves in the height of the mode. rfdatek|lang=en|Addison”

  • Equip (verb)

    To prepare (someone) with a skill

  • Equipt (noun)

    abbreviation of equipment

  • Equipt (verb)

    archaic spelling of equipped


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