Encode vs. Incode

By Jaxson

  • Encode (verb)

    To convert (plain text) into code.

  • Encode (verb)

    To convert source information into another form.

  • Encode (verb)

    To constitute the code necessary for the biosynthesis of a protein by means of a matrix so as to transcribe DNA material.

  • Incode (noun)

    The second part of a United Kingdom postcode, after the space.

  • Encode (verb)

    convert into a coded form

    “using this technique makes it possible to encode and transmit recorded video information”

  • Encode (verb)

    convert (information or an instruction) into a particular form

    “the amount of time required to encode a wav file to mp3 format”

  • Encode (verb)

    (of a gene) be responsible for producing (a substance or behaviour)

    “this is the gene that encodes the yeast mating type protein”

    “such distortions can damage the genes encoding for the proteins that suppress tumor growth”

Oxford Dictionary

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