Enable vs. Inable

By Jaxson

  • Enable (verb)

    To give strength or ability to; to make firm and strong.

  • Enable (verb)

    To make somebody able (to do, or to be, something); to give sufficient power, sanction or authorization to; to provide with abilities, means, opportunities, and the like


  • Enable (verb)

    To make something possible or provide an opportunity for something.


  • Enable (verb)

    To allow a way out or excuse for an action.

    “His parents enabled him to go on buying drugs.”

  • Enable (verb)

    To put a circuit element into action by supplying a suitable input pulse.

  • Enable (verb)

    To activate, to make operational (especially of a function of a electronical or mechanical device).

    “activate|turn on”


  • Inable (adjective)

    Unable, not able.

  • Inable (verb)

    To enable.


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