Dynamicity vs. Dynamic

By Jaxson

  • Dynamicity (noun)

    The condition of being dynamic

    “The dynamicity of the dataset makes it difficult to keep accurate.”

  • Dynamic (adjective)

    Changing; active; in motion.

    “The environment is dynamic, changing with the years and the seasons.”

    “dynamic economy”

  • Dynamic (adjective)

    Powerful; energetic.

    “He was a dynamic and engaging speaker.”

  • Dynamic (adjective)

    Able to change and adapt.

  • Dynamic (adjective)

    Having to do with the volume of sound.

    “The dynamic marking in bar 40 is forte.”

  • Dynamic (adjective)

    Happening at runtime instead of being predetermined at compile time.

    “dynamic allocation”

    “dynamic IP addresses”

    “the dynamic resizing of an array”

  • Dynamic (adjective)

    Pertaining to dynamics, the branch of mechanics concerned with the effects of forces on the motion of objects.

  • Dynamic (adjective)

    Of a verb: not stative, but fientive; indicating continued or progressive action on the part of the subject.

  • Dynamic (noun)

    A characteristic or manner of an interaction; a behavior.

    “Watch the dynamic between the husband and wife when they disagree.”

  • Dynamic (noun)

    A moving force.

    “The study of fluid dynamics quantifies turbulent and laminar flows.”

  • Dynamic (noun)

    The varying loudness or volume of a song or the markings that indicate the loudness.

    “If you pay attention to the dynamics as you play, it’s a very moving piece.”

  • Dynamic (noun)

    A symbol in a musical score that indicates the desired level of volume.

  • Dynamic (noun)

    A verb that indicates continued or progressive action on the part of the subject.


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