Distal vs. Mesial

By Jaxson

  • Distal (adjective)

    Remote from the point of attachment or origin.

    “the distal end of a bone or muscle”

  • Distal (adjective)

    Facing the wisdom tooth or temporomandibular joint on the same side of the jaw.

  • Distal (adjective)

    Far or farther from the speaker.

  • Mesial (adjective)

    Pertaining to the midline of the body.

  • Mesial (adjective)

    Facing the side of a tooth which faces the middle of the jaw.

  • Distal (adjective)

    situated away from the centre of the body or from the point of attachment

    “the distal end of the tibia”

  • Distal (adjective)

    relating to or denoting the outer part of an area affected by geological activity

    “the distal zone is characterized by pyroclastic flow deposits”

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