Dissect vs. Resect

By Jaxson

  • Dissect (verb)

    To study an animal’s anatomy by cutting it apart; to perform a necropsy or an autopsy.

  • Dissect (verb)

    To study a plant or other organism’s anatomy similarly.

  • Dissect (verb)

    To analyze an idea in detail by separating it into its parts.

  • Dissect (verb)

    To separate muscles, organs, and so on without cutting into them or disrupting their architecture.

    “Now dissect the l|en|triceps away from its attachment on the l|en|humerus.”

  • Dissect (verb)

    Of an infection or foreign material, following the fascia separating muscles or other organs.

  • Resect (verb)

    To remove (some part of an organ or structure) by surgical means.

    “The tumor was resected after chemotherapy.”


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