Disinfect vs. Sterilize

By Jaxson

  • Disinfect (verb)

    To sterilize by the use of cleaning agent.

  • Sterilize (verb)

    To deprive of the ability to procreate.

  • Sterilize (verb)

    To make unable to produce; to make unprofitable.

  • Sterilize (verb)

    To kill, deactivate (denature), or destroy (break apart) all living, viable microorganisms and spores on a surface, in a fluid, or contained in a compound, such as culture media or a medical product.

  • Sterilize (verb)

    make (something) free from bacteria or other living microorganisms

    “babies’ feeding equipment can be cleaned and sterilized”

  • Sterilize (verb)

    deprive (a person or animal) of the ability to produce offspring, typically by removing or blocking the sex organs

    “she fell pregnant despite having been sterilized”

  • Sterilize (verb)

    make (land or water) unable to produce crops or support life

    “a Scandinavian lake has been sterilized by rain made acid”

Oxford Dictionary

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