Difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

By Jaxson

Main Difference

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both, revolutionized the world of Science and inventions. They both actually made life easier by providing people with the luxury which was beyond anyone’s imagination. The main difference between both of these great men is, Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple. Apple, being the thunderbolt among youngsters especially. Steve used to think ahead, about future. And Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft, which was more pragmatic of course. Bill sticked to present. He does not think ahead of time, unlike Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs

Steve jobs was the founder of Apple. He was diagnosed cancer, although doctors recommended him rest but he was a hardworking man. He didn’t stop. His cancer relapsed and he died, leaving the world of technology, saddened. Steve used to think about future, he had a very futuristic vision. When Apple built Macintosh, it didn’t actually meet the expectations of people in an ecstatic manner. It didn’t really conquer the pool of profits. But of course, Macintosh is one of the most amazing inventions of Apple. Apple built iPods, iPhones and even iPads. Steve Jobs vision was so innovative that he used to think about things that would be desired by men in the next 10 years. He wanted to make a better future and for that purpose, he worked hard in the present.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates on the contrary is the person who invented Microsoft. One of the most richest and powerful men in this whole wide world. Apart from a heat inventor, he’s a great man. A huge some of his income is used for charity purposes. That really makes him a symbol of excellence. Microsoft was more pragmatic and sophisticated of course. His approach of inventions was more deviated on the things which were needed at the present moment. He didn’t think ahead of time or about future. He was more of an opinion to fulfill the needs of ‘today’ rather than ‘tomorrow‘. He wanted to build a company that would give him profit in a short-term. He didn’t believe in huge investments for long-term profits. He was more ecstatic in making money out of business, he was good at it and knew all the tactics required.

Key Differences

  • Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple and Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.
  • Jobs had a vision of highest degree and quality of things in his work, while vision of Bill Gates was very moderate.
  • Jobs had a design set-mind, he wanted to design things in his own unique way. Be it anything. Bill did whatever he could do best, according to the requirement of present time.
  • Bill came from a very rich family so he wanted to make a big name to keep the family prestige intact. While Jobs was adopted and was a self made person.
  • Bill was not as creative as Jobs, but was different and a genius in his own ways.
  • Jobs was more spontaneous and quick as compared to Bill.
  • Jobs speech used to gain more applause and praise among youngsters especially, he always used to tell them to follow their intuitions and not to live someone else’s life. While Bill’s speeches were carefully written and checked by a committee.
  • Jobs was a public speaker as well. He was more active in this kind of stuff. Bill is quite the opposite.
  • Unlike Bill, Jobs didn’t always used to brag about dropping out of college, in every single speech almost.

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