Difference between Muslim and Islam

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Muslim and Islam is, Islam is the name of a religion and Muslims are those who practice it. Islam is a complete religion, which has thought people how to spend their lives in accordance to the rules set by God. Islam is a complete guideline, following which, a Muslim spend his life in a simple manner, practicing all good deeds and ignoring and preventing from the bad ones. Islam basically means to surrender to God and Muslim is the one who surrenders himself to this religion.


A Muslim is a person who has laid the foundation of his life on the principles of Islam. He restraint himself from doing all those acts which are forbidden in his religion and he tries his level best to do everything that pleases his God. In this act, lies his victory. A Muslim surrenders himself to God. The followers of the religion Islam are Muslims. They have full faith in the oneness of their God, the Holy Book, all the messengers sent by God, the last and the most beloved messenger of their God and the five pillars of Islam. Muslims are committed to Islam in every manner. Muslims carry out all the obligations bestowed upon them by God.


Islam is a religion sent by Allah (SWT) upon his messengers and the completion of this religion was done upon his last and the most beloved Prophet, who is the complete role model for all the Muslims in the world, Holy Prophet (PBUH). For elaborating the details and practices of the religion Islam, Allah sent his Holy Book upon his last Messenger. This book is the complete guideline for Muslims and help them to live their lives in an Islamic shelter. Allah (SWT) has taken the responsibility of the preservation of His Holy Book until the day of judgement.

Key Differences

  • Islam is a religion and a Muslim follow this religion to please his God.
  • Islam is a path and a Muslim is a person who follows that path in the light of his Holy Book and Messenger’s commands.
  • The word ”Islam” is generally used to represent the religion and belief of an individual or the whole community. While the word ”Muslim” could be used to distinguish the person of one religion from another.
  • Islam preaches its followers to surrender themselves to God, while Muslim is a person who actually surrenders himself in the best possible way to his God.
  • Islam refers to a complete religion or the acts done or practiced in that particular religion. While Muslim is a person who carries out those acts and practices.

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