Difference between MS and M.TECH

By Jaxson

Main Difference

Two-year PG program in an M. Tech course where the students take extra advanced courses in totaling to a project of a one year period. The Masters of Science course is an examination based postgraduate degree where the rank is given to the hypothesis rather than the course work. The Master of Technology degree program is intended to establish the ability of candidates in the planning, classification, and the capability to deal with the complex procedural systems available in our civilization today. These courses give up proposals to the students with up to date knowledge of multipart technical systems though the students who take up Masters of Science will build up a capability for problem analysis, independent research and a better knowledge in any one chastisement of science. M. Tech and M.S courses have also taken publicity. There are many colleges give proposal M. Tech and M.S course and there are numerous candidates following the courses. With the growing opportunities in the subdivisions of M. Tech and M.S, the anxieties of both the courses have grown rapidly. The M.S. degree has existed for a more extended time. The first aim in characterizing an M. Tech. the course would’ve been to separate it from the M.S., by making it more innovation/designing focused. The M.S. has to a greater extent and attention on science, normally. It’s planned to give an establishing in the space of that specific science, and in the examination system, in this manner empowering the understudy to seek after an exploration and/or scholarly vocation. It regularly requires a theory, in which some unique examination work is introduced and safeguarded before a board of trustees. Conversely, the M. Tech. is composed more to set up the understudy for a designing vocation. The emphasis is on exploring different avenues regarding and understanding the building obstructs in an innovation space, in this manner empowering the understudy to make answers for genuine issues. If there should be an occurrence of M.S, by and large, you apply to work with them. For the most part, educators are one-sided about GATE. Along these lines, they approach you for a GATE score or the college may have some paradigm for GATE score. It is a great chance that this GATE score doesn’t have any bar, a satisfied GATE score is sufficient. In any case, you ought to have persuaded some teacher that they will take you. At that point, you enter the school and for the most part, work on examination issue and you complete your work and look into and get your degree. Meanwhile, you may take some courses. There might be some required courses moreover.


Tech degree obtainable is usually a course based program where the student pursues a convinced number of PG level courses separately from a project which may extend from 8 months to a year. It is a time confident program and the student may fictional to complete the same in 24 months duration. The M. Tech course is a more comprehensive course of a lot of study in it. The subject under M. Tech is studied in detail in classes, which classroom course is essential this is perhaps because a lot of things in the theoretical feature are to be studied for. The project below this course is finalized concurrently along with the classes.


MS (Research) program is exclusive and the scholars enrolled for the same are expected to capitalize more time in research activity. It can be likened to a tinier version of a Ph.D. The degree is minimal the load on course work obligatory for the completion. The superior choice is subjective. You may find one better than the other in your own way, whereas I strength find the other better in my own way. The subject and project deal with the practical knowledge and self-study. The students interact with the professors and join those classes which are essential. They devote more time to their project below the degree of M.S.

Key Differences

  • The main difference between the two courses is the study alignment and pattern. Under the M. Tech degree, one has to attend regular classes in order to improvement knowledge about the subject, On the other hand, the M.S course entails the least attendance of the classes.
  • Tech degree usually ends in a time span of 2 years. But M.S. In the M.S degree courses, one can elasticity up the course to 3 to 4 years till doesn’t complete his or her project.
  • Tech and MS lies in the alignment of the course and approach.

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