Difference between MI5 and MI6

By Jaxson

Main Difference

To overcome the threats of internal problems of the UK, the MI5 takes necessary actions. The MI6 works for the people of United Kingdom and cover the hazards come from outside the boundaries of the UK.


MI5 is a British government security administration accused of the insurance of the British monetary hobby and parliamentary majority rules system, next to the threat of terrorism and counter-secret activities, within the boundaries of United Kingdom. The MI5 is normally worried with the residential or inside security issues, yet there are some exceptions are present to have abroad backing on its missions as well. The administration is liable to the course of the Joint Intel ligence Committee for insight operational needs, and act as a go among the SIS, GCHQ, DIS and various types of different bodies inside of the British government and base of the industries. The administration of the Mi5 is managed by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Members of Parliament, who are specifically designated by the order of the Prime Minister. Legal oversight is additionally vested in the Interception of Communications Commissioner and the Intelligence Services Commissioner. From the functionalities of the MI5, you are able to compare it with the celebrated American government organization, which is famous with the name of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Because it is referred as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), it is in charge of furnishing the British Government with outside insight. It is all the more frequently alluded to by the broad communications and mainstream speech, by its previous name, MI6. Together with the Internal Security Service, the Government Communications Headquarters and the Defense Intelligence Staff, it works under the official course of the Joint Intelligence Committee and performs the duties in the favor of the UK people. Amid the Cold War, its subsistence, or its sister offices, were not authoritatively perceived by the general population until the year 1994.


The former name of the MI5 is known as the MI6. This is the main reason that the functions which were provided by the MI6 are continued with the MI5. The main difference between the MI6 and the MI5 is very simple as it is the MI6 the main purpose of which is to secure the general public of UK from the threats which may come outside the boundaries of the country. MI6’s exercises supposedly incorporates an assortment of mystery political endeavor triumphs, including the remove of Mohammed Mossadeq in Iran, in 1953 (in a joint effort with the U.S. Focal Intelligence Agency), the joint ousting of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo, amid the year 1961, and the beginning of an inner contradiction between Lebanese paramilitary gatherings in the second 50% of the 1980’s, that effectively diverted them from further hostage takings of Westerners in the range. This branch of the British government is similar to the United States’ CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). From the historical working of the MI6, it is cleared that these are the out of the boundaries of the country‚Äôs threats for which the MI6 works.

Key Differences

  • MI5 is a British government security administration accused of the insurance of the British monetary hobby and parliamentary vote based system, hostile to terrorism and counter-secret activities, in the United Kingdom, while MI6 is in charge of giving the British Government remote knowledge.
  • MI6’s exercises purportedly incorporate an assortment of mystery political endeavor triumphs, however MI5 is normally worried with local or interior security issues.
  • The scope of the working of MI6 is larger than that of the MI5.
  • In order to understand the working of the MI6, the example of the United States’ CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is enough. On the contrary, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is similar of the MI5.

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