Difference between Loyal and Faithful

By Jaxson

Main Difference

Loyal and faithful are two kinds of terms deals in sincerity, trustworthiness, and honesty. Sometimes a minor difference results in a major impact. Same is in the case of loyal and faithful. Apparently it looks that both have the meaning, to be honest with someone. To some extent it is correct, but there are also multiples factors, which makes them be treated differently and these factors also need some considerations.


Loyal is the term, which is widely associated with a group, cause or country. It means to be faithful and honest to the group or country to which someone belongs. A citizen is loyal to the constitution of his country, and an employee is loyal to the objectives and mission of his organization. Now it becomes your prime responsibility to be available in the time of need or the case of any emergency. It also becomes your responsibility to protect your cause, group, organization or country in front of your opponents. Being loyal is not an ordinary thing. It is being said that a loyal member is more worthy than thousands of members. In fact, being loyal or loyalty is an honor, which never comes in the faith of scurvy people.


Faithful means to show honest, trust and unconditional love to someone. It is equally used for humans and animals. Faithful presents in a personal relationship. Relation of husband and wife, shopkeeper relations with customers, individual relations with his family or our relations with God all are kind of faithful. We always try to remain in a state of full faith and shows our full devotion in any circumstances. It is entirely buildup on trust. In the case of animals, dog and horse are considered as faithful to man. It is a more sensitive relationship as once a person considered as unfaithful it becomes harder to be trusted next time. By mutual understanding and fulfilling the promises or expectations faithfulness goes to its higher stage.

Key Differences

  • The term loyal is widely associated with a relation with the country, group, cause or organization while faithful is being used for a personal relationship.
  • Faithful is more sensitive term than loyal because it results in the breakup of relations in the case of fraud or cheating. While if disloyalty is proved it results in legal punishment.
  • Loyal is used for humans while faithful is used both for humans and animals.
  • Loyal is used for agreed terms and conditions while faithful is a state of feeling.
  • Faithful means showing faith in what we believe while loyalty is a blind condition, either it is right or wrong.

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