Difference between Kiss and Smooch

By Jaxson

Main Difference

Kiss and Smooch are the ways of expressing love. Kiss is the sign of love by touching the lips on the face, head, lips, forehead or body of the other man. Smooch is a kind of kiss only from lips to lips expressing the love and sexual desire.


Kiss is the sign of love and affection expressed by touching the lips on the face, head, lips, forehead or body of the other man. Kiss can be for a friend, relative, or a child. There may be the feelings of sex in kiss with someone to whom you love. Kiss on the forehead is the sign of adoration. Kiss can be on any part of the body with different feelings. Kiss on the hands of other is the sign of respect. Kiss on the cheeks may be a sign of affection between friends and relatives.


Smooch is the Lips to Lips deep kiss mouth to mouth expressing the romantic feeling between the loved ones. Smooch conveys the sexual desire. Smooch is the enjoyment for the two people in a relationship. Smooch is long time kiss feeling the breath of each other with romantic, sexual emotions.

Key Differences

  • Kiss on any part of the body but smooch is only from lips to lips.
  • Kiss may or may not have the feelings of romance or sex but smooch is with the emotions of romance and sex.
  • Kiss may be instantaneous but smooch is a long lips to lips touch.
  • Kiss is not deep with affection but smooch is deep lips into lips, mouth in mouth feeling the breaths of each other.
  • Smooch is exciting and enjoying while kiss may or may not be.
  • Kiss is mostly soft and gentle while smooch may be gentle, rough or wild.
  • Kiss can be shared with anyone with feelings but smooch can only be shared with love one in relationship with you.
  • Both kiss and smooch should be with clean mouth and fresh mouth.

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