Difference Between Internet, Intranet and Extranet

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The World Wide Web is a platform where millions of people come daily seeking information. The majority of the times they encounter different terms which confound them and a single central point of discussion for a typical individual is the difference between internet, intranet and extranet. These terms appear to be similar in many ways but are distinct.

The Internet is a place where people from all around the world can send and share info. It is made up of communication system that extends internationally and connected together for ease of sharing. An intranet is a communication system like the internet and works precisely the same with the support of the internet, but the only difference is that rather than being a global system it’s restricted to a certain place and can be regarded as a private network. Extranet, on the other hand, is an extension of intranet in which the machine is protected even more and is only available to particular folks.

The two intranet and extranet are determined by the internet, but the internet isn’t reliant on either of these. Most organizations like a business or universities have intranet for their own purposes and can be considered in the premises. Extranet is used by various companies for sharing of personal information with specific people while the Internet is used for general purposes. They have varying degrees of simplicity. The Internet doesn’t require any passwords.

The intranet won’t require any details when obtained from the area of use, but extranet always needs login and password details. An internet and intranet can be called different because intranet doesn’t always count on the internet, the combination of these two is known as an extranet. An intranet can be referred to as a private internet while an extranet can be known as a private intranet.

Comparison Chart

A global network which is available to anyone who wants to access informationAn intranet is unique to an organization or group of people who work together at a placeExtranet is for individuals or group of personnel who want to send private information
PublicPrivate intermediatelyExtremely Private
IndependentIndependent yet dependent on internetDependent on internet and intranet
NoCan haveYes

What is Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide network of computing systems that are linked to each other and assist in supplying information to everybody who has access. When an internet address is entered, the internet uses internet protocol address that tells the specific location of the computer, where it is present. From there it gets the info from sets of devices called the web server which may have a domain name and an address that is then displayed with the support of a browser. It’s a basic level of security and doesn’t have firewalls to protect it. There’s absolutely no need of the password to use it and people everywhere, who have the access to a computer can get all of the information that they require.

What’s Intranet?

An intranet is a platform that works on the very same flaws as the internet but isn’t accessible to the outside world. It’s unique to a company such as universities that have information provided and can be considered inside the premises of the Institute. All of the computer are connected with one another and don’t have any relation to the outer world. After the intranet is connected to the internet, it’ll be protected with a different level of safety in the shape of the firewall so that only specific individuals are able to reach it. To simplify it’s a network on the computer that works without relying on the internet. You will find files of intranet present within the computer that help in gaining all of the information without depending on the internet.

What’s Extranet?

An Extranet is best described as a network which is dependent upon the internet but is limited to specific users. It’s more precise than intranet in a manner that only a few individuals instead of a specific location can get access. It’s protected by a firewall and if the intranet is obtained from the internet to send or receive information it will become an extranet. It’s mostly used by companies and business who need to share sensitive information with one another. The firewall is used to switch between internet and intranet and allows only the men and women who are able to log in with the support of passwords or from internet protocol addresses. It may be used by individuals or a group of people based on the degree of requirement.

Key Differences

  • The Internet is a global network that’s available to anyone who wishes to access information. An intranet is unique to a company or group of individuals who work together at an area.
  • Extranet is for people or group of employees who wish to send private details.
  • The Internet is a private network, the intranet is independent in its own way, but an extranet depends on internet and intranet.
  • The Internet doesn’t have firewall protection, the intranet may have anti virus security while extranet consistently has firewall security.
  • The Internet is used to acquire general information. An intranet is used to share and see true Extranet can be used to send and receive personal information.
  • The Internet is referred to as a public domain, Intranet is called a specific area while extranet is known as private domain.
  • The Internet may be utilized with no personal account. Intranet sometimes can take a login while extranet always requires a login.

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