Difference between Heavy Cream and Heavy Whipping Cream

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Heavy Cream and Heavy Whipping Cream is the way they are prepared and the amount of fat content which is within them. For a heavy cream, the fat content is around 30% of milk while for the whipping heavy cream the fat content is always greater, around 35-40% of milk.

Comparison Chart

Basis of DistinctionHeavy Cream Heavy Whipping Cream
Typewhich has a milk fat of around 30%.which has a milk fat of around 40%.
TextureRelatively harderRelatively softer
Alternative NamesDouble CreamHeavy Cream
Cooking Able to cook at a fast rateTakes longer to cook
UsageTo cook foodTo eat with food

Heavy Cream

We all love to eat, but there are many constituents within the food item about which we have heard a lot but don’t know much about. Heavy cream is one such item and therefore moving on to the definition it is the type of cream which has a milk fat of around 30%. It is usually confused with the double cream in some cases, but both are very different. It is also a confusion that Heavy Cream is the name used in the United States while Double Cream is the name employed in the United Kingdom. This type of cream is available throughout the year and has a rather complicated way or preparation. You have to get any kind of cream you want which should be easier to pasteurize and then you have to cool it. Keeping it in the refrigerator for around 2 hours will help. When it is hard then you start to churn it, the more you churn, the harder it will be to move the spoon or other things through it. This happens because there is no air present between the cream, so it gets stuck in because of the temperature. When it is sufficiently churned, then you will have to add sugar to it which will increase the volume even more. It is mostly used for cooking items around the world while added in some dishes for a better taste. It can easily be stored but has to be kept in the place where the temperature is really low.

Heavy Whipping Cream

It is usually considered the same as heavy cream, and that was the case some years ago, but now it is really easy to differentiate between the two because of the contents they have and how they are prepared. They are also available in different forms in the market which give the idea about the alteration. The main way of finding out if the cream is heavy whipping cream is the amount of milk fat which is present in it. It is usually around 35-40% which is few percent greater than that of the heavy cream. That said, the total amount of fat in this type of cream will be more than others. There are many other ways to tell that as well, for example, this type of cream is softer when you move a spoon through it, and also the movement takes place quickly. When you start to whip it, it will happen quickly, and the cream will become even softer instead of getting harder. It is mostly used in desserts or with fruits since it is lighter and considered more delicious. The only drawback of this type is that it takes more time to cook in comparison to the other one and if you look at it in practical terms the price is relatively higher as well. Usually, when you have to find a whipping cream, it will be written on the box, and if you need a catch, it always will show the words “ultra-pasteurized” on the label.

Key Differences

  • The amount of milk fat in heavy cream is less, around 30% than that of the whipping heavy cream which has the fat of around 40%.
  • The heavy cream is relatively harder while the whipping heavy cream is relatively softer.
  • Heavy cream is able to cook at a fast rate while the whipping heavy cream takes longer to cook.
  • Heavy cream is mostly used before cooking or during the kitchen a meal while whipping heavy cream is eaten with food such as desserts.
  • The price of heavy cream is less, while the amount of whipping heavy cream is 5-10 cents more.
  • Heavy cream has to be stored in icy places while whipping heavy cream can be instantly used without having to freeze.

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