Difference between Hay and Straw

By Jaxson

Main Difference

“Hay” is a term used for horses, and the straw is utilized for houses according to the California Straw Builders Association. It is true that the Hay is employed for animal fodder Oat, barley, and wheat plant materials which are infrequently cut green. However, a harvest by product where the stems and departed leaves are baled they are more typically used in the form of straw, after the grain has been harvested and threshed. You don’t have to be confused with the word of hay or drinking straw. Straw is used mainly for the animal bedding. The word of the Straw is used for baskets and other purposes and the Hay is used for the purpose of feedstuff farm animals. The hay bales are heavier than that of the Straw bundles. You are able to find the Hay in the dry form the primary goal is to be utilized as an animal feed. The Hay is a grass or the pea’s type things that have been cut. In contrast, the Straw is the stems stalks of grains like, or oats, wheat, barley. When the grain is harvested, the Straw can be obtained.


Popularly, dried and used for showing a situation in which we like to feed a farm animal which is cut hay alfalfa or clover. Where the pasture is insufficient, some of the animals conjuring hay include horses, cattle, goats, and rabbit’s sheep and is given. Later, Hay is a mix of grasses like rye, and Brome Timothy, orchard amongst others which includes a process of storing, processing, curing and cutting. When the grass is growing before the seed ripens or as they are leaving these herbs are high in nourishment and are cut. The soil and the type of grass being produced by up to three times of cuttings, hay can be required depending on the rain. The quality and the quantity of the Hay is dependent on the rain with up to three times of cuttings, the soil and the type of grass being grown. Hay commands a complete dry stage to avoid any moisture in it. Any remaining dampness can create a mould which is harmful to animals’ feeding on the hay while the sun shines’ is founded on this principle hence the modern estimate “Make hay”.


The word of straw is not used for the drinking straw as it can be made from a variety of grain crops, its determinations are frequently the same and regardless of where it come from. Some farmers will leave the stems behind and be returning what nutrients are left after congregation seeds, plowing them back into the soil. It also has non-farming uses also because the straw is often used a comforter for large animals at the same time. The burning straw can be used to generate power since the straw is a highly appreciated renewable energy source too. For example, from the fire of straw, many power plants in the UK become capable of fueling the thousands of homes. Particularly, considering straw is highly renewable a single power plant in the East Anglia blisters about 210,000 tons of grass in a single year, and that provides enough energy to run about 80,000 homes.

Key Differences

  • Straw is used for baskets etc. Hay is used to feedstuff farm animals. Straw bundles are lighter than that of hay bales.
  • Straw is used animal comforter owing to its hollow nature that inclines to be fleeced while cannot be used those ways.
  • The Hay is a dried and is used as animal feed. It can be found as grass or the peas that have been cut. The Straw, on the other side, is the stems stalks of grains like, or oats, wheat, barley, and it can be generated after the grain has been harvested.

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