Difference between Gyro and Souvlaki

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Main Difference

The dish of the Gyro or gyros is the origin of Greek. It is basically a special Greek delicacy. The main ingredients of the Gyro are meat, onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce. In most of the circumstances, it is served with the pita bread. The people who are not familiar with the Gyro can get the idea of this Greek dish with the common sandwich as it is very similar to it. The Souvlaki, on the other side, is a Greek dish too, but the nature of this Greek dish is fast food. The reparation process of the Souvlaki requires the small meat crumbs and grilled vegetables that must be prepared on a skewer before utilization. As it is a fast food item, therefore, the Souvlaki is served with the garnishes and sauces or with fried potatoes or pilaf in order to create an added taste in most of the occasions. The name of the Gyro is different according to the people of various sorts of region across the globe. It is famous with the name of shawarma in the Middle East and tacos al pastor in Mexico. In the similar way, the Souvlaki has other names as well. In different areas of the world, the souvlaki is named as the shish kebab and in Athens, it is known as kalamaki.


The word of Gyro which is also called gyros is basically used for a special kind of Greek delicacies. The preparation process of the Gyro includes the existence of the meat that must be roasted and served inside the bread for the basic target of making it the shape of a sandwich. In most of the events, the use of the tomatoes, onions, and sauces is very common for the basic objective of adding more taste and aroma in the gyros. The special use of the meat in the form of pieces which should be sliced and roasted by keeping them close to an electric broiler is necessary for the purpose of preparing the gyros. A system is established to keep the meat pieces moving in the form of rotating before making the gyro. The procedure of making the gyro is a piece of cake because you only need to take the meat pieces at the time when they are well cooked and then place them inside a pita bread which must be properly oiled and grilled itself. In order to add more spice, the utilization of the onions, tomatoes, and sauces are recommended. This dish got the name of Gyro just because the meat is moved round and round on a spit available in the vertical position.


The Souvlaki is developed in the people of Greek. It uses the pieces of meat which must be skewered and grilled in a proper manner. The roasted meat can be served on the pita bread or you can serve them over a bowl of cooked rice as well. There is no limit for the nature of meat as it may be pork, lamb, or even beef. The nature of the Souvlaki is a fast food dish particularly in the people of Greece because of the fact that these meat pieces are kept ready on the skewer all the time. These meat pieces are served to the customer in the form of placing them on bread garnished with sauces in most of the situations but the practice of adding fried potatoes can also be observed. The meaning of the word of Souvlaki is skewer in the Greek language.

Key Differences

  • Both of these dishes have the Greek origin but the Souvlaki is a fast food dish while the gyro is traditional delicacies of Greece by nature.
  • The Souvlaki get the name of this just because of the fact that the Souvlaki factually means a small skewer in Greek. In the preparation of Gyro, the meat has to be moved round and round on a spit that is present in the vertical position and that’s why it obtains this name.
  • The status of the Gyro is a special Greek delicacy and it is served as a main dish. But the status of the Souvlaki is a fast food in Greece.
  • In other region of the world, people called the Gyro as shawarma and döner kebab. In Contrast, the souvlaki is often termed as shish kebab and kalamaki in various areas of the world.

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