Difference between GTK and QT

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The GTK and QT are usable on most popular desktop Operating Systems. QT and GTK are open-source, cross-platform User Interface development frameworks. Both of them are the most popular frameworks used for Linux (GNU) and BSD. They are open-source and give developers a powerful tool to design Graphical User Interfaces. GTK is used as the standard tool for the GNOME and Xfce Desktop Environments. But Qt is used for KDE Plasma and LXQt. The quality and performance of the QT and GTK applications are not the same.


GTK has developed the GIMP graphical application. The GNOME organization maintains and developed GTK. GTK in C in an object oriented. The C++ interface to GTK. It uses standard C++ templates. Qt APIs, GTKmm has been included on top GTK. This was not considered from the ground up. GTKmm reflects few design decisions seen in the C. It interprets some other libraries such as GLib, Poppler, Pango, GIO, GNet, GStreamer, Cairo, and Clutter. It requires a window manager and also x11 server. It is resulting in at least three processes running in an application. GTK is on fixed devices.


The development of the QT has been done by an open community around Qt Project, with main developers being KDE, Digia and numerous users of Qt. The Qt development team was initially known as Trolltech. IT is acquired by Nokia in 2008. It is known as Qt Software. It was chosen from the ground up, with object -orientation in the brain. It uses a conventional generator called the moc. To bring characteristics at a higher level than those which are available in C++ signals, object introspection, slots, and GUI integration. Qt is developed in C++. C++ binding is available through gtkmm. Qt is a fully reliable framework provided. You can attach HTTP events to GUI elements. It fills forms with the output from a database query or makes an interactive visualization of great datasets. Qt 4 modules contain (QtGui, QtCore, QtMultimedia, QtScriptTools, and QT network, QtSql, QtWebKit, QtXml, QtXmlPatterns, QtSvg, QtOpenGL, QtOpenVG, QtScript, QtDeclarative, Phonon and Qt3Support). Modules for running with Qt tools are QtDesigner, QtHelp, and QtTest. Modules for Windows developers are QAxContainer and QAxServer. Qt allows executing immediately on the hardware any need of a window manager or x11. The 1st Qt application started becomes the window manager featuring fully composition and top-level precision.

Key Differences

  • GTK can work on Windows and Mac with some ported version, the new version of GTK always runs on Linux/Unix environment Qt can run on an almost platform with a recompilation.
  • GTK has C-based libraries, but Qt has C ++ based libraries.
  • QT and GTK+ are open-source, cross-platform User Interface tool and development frameworks. The two most important frameworks in use for BSD and Linux. They are open-source and give developers a powerful tool for Graphical User Interfaces. Qt is C++ based. QT uses C++ in its own way. But GTK is a C based but it uses its own (object-oriented) approach, but has bindings for just about every popular language.
  • There‚Äôs a difference in quality between QT and GTK applications.

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