Difference between Goth and Emo

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The word of Emo is generally utilized for emotional hardcore which invented in Washington during the mid-90’s. It is a type of punk rock music by nature. On the other side, Goth has a much earlier cause dating back to the early 1980s and it’s the short term for Gothic rock. Their musical influences punk as the root is basically the same. This is the Goth culture that is rooted in particular atmospheric consisting of the cold and nihilistic sort of post-punk such as the Bauhaus or early cure. The evolution of the Goth music can be seen from the era of the 80’s. The Emo culture, on the other hand has the roots based on the hardcore punk. It is based more in direct melodies and personal issues rather than any sort of grand societal statement, i.e. Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World. The starting of the Emo music can be observed in the time of 1990s. It is well equipped with a confessional style of melodic.


Goth is not about hating the world, it is a culture. It’s about escalating and finding beauty in the dark side of life. You can discover that lots of Goths are poets and musicians artists. All Goths were not black, you can reverence the devil without being Goth. Goths are frequently older, mostly in their 20’s-30’s. Goths are more mature. Goth is a subculture which is about the music and seeing the beauty in darkness the art, the literature, the fashion (to a lesser extent), individuality modern romanticism. What it is not about us and seeing the beauty in darkness, depression, attention, hating you or others, acting hot topic all scary, wearing all black and or dark makeup, Satanism, witchcraft, drugs devil-worship. The Goth musical kind evolved in the early 1980s into a broader cultural movement, with, fashion Goth clubs and publications.


Emo is a lot of adolescents go through, frequently starting at the age of 13. It includes mental disorders, saying you have to fit. Often you see emo kids competing that they diagnosed themselves who has the most dangerous mental disorders. They don’t know anything which the trend originated from about emotive dedicated music. When the trend initially started, it was the music, and not the fashion. But it became about self-harm with bands like My Chemical Romance. That many people have the self-harming is a serious mental disorder, and it doesn’t make them “emo”. And please, just to fit into a trend doesn’t self-harm Emo: A music genre Emotive Hardcore was generated in the mid 1980’s but died in the late 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, another music was introduced which has nothing to do with Emotive Hardcore whatsoever.  We see “emo” today  “emo revival” They what the media portrays it as seem to be filled with cliches and as the other answerer said the visual kei scene therefore aren’t original at all in my eyes stole their look from Goths, punks. Emo stands for “emotional hardcore,” that evolved out of Washington, DC in the mid 1990’s a type of punk rock music. Emo or emotional hardcore was personal expression in nonconcrete and primitive ways an attempt by a number of bands to experiment through chaotic music patterns.

Key Differences

  • Goth culture is rooted in particularly atmospheric, cold, and nihilistic sort of post-punk like Bauhaus or early Cure Goth music from the 80’s. Emo culture has roots hardcore punk based more in direct melodies and personal issues than any sort of grand societal statement, i.e. Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World. Emo music starting in the 1990s with a confessional style of melodic
  • Emos have Fall Out Boy, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Chiodos, My Chemical Romance and Dashboard Confessional more of these types of music to listen. There are also many sub-cultures of goth Cybergoth, romantic goth, Victorian goth.
  • Both the emo and Goth movements’ personal expression methods relate art to being through but their techniques are different.

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