Difference between Gadget and Widget

By Jaxson

Main Difference

It feels that word synonym has no place on internet. The terms which looked same about  few years ago are now recognized separately. Take the example of Gadget and Widget both have same functions but with the passage of time becoming different from each other.


At present there is no common definition of Gadget. Keeping in view the functions and features we can define that  Gadget is a graphical tool, which works on limited websites with the help of a specific code. It is available in different form. You can use it both for website and desktop. It works with the help of code, which is necessary  to collect the all relevant information to run the program. Most gadgets works on a specific website because their code is especially developed for limited or specific blogs and websites. Your system clock, local weather application and PC performance bar on desktop all are kinds of gadget.


Widget is an application, software or icon, which performs a specific online functions when operated by a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone. It is a form of code, which can be used on any HTML supporting website. Like if you want to add counter, Facebook , Twitter or YouTube icon all you can do by a code, which will automatically generates all these on your blog or websites. And you can called them widget. A program that tells you about your system performance, security, battery life, Facebook notification of like, comment, message and friend requests are best examples of widget.

Key Difference

  • Gadgets are mostly operated on a specific website like Google gadgets is controlled by affiliated Google websites where as Web Widgets can easily handled by any website or blog.
  • Widgets are larger applications than Gadgets because they execute more programs than Gadgets.
  • Gadgets are incomplete without Widgets. More Gadgets demands for Widgets to run and perform properly.
  • Widgets are mostly designed to show information on your websites while Gadgets are developed and used for desktop applications.
  • DesktopX software is required for Widgets to run properly while there is no such requirement of any software for Gadgets and you can share it to Window XP users as well.

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