Difference between FTP Server and FTP Client

By Jaxson

Main Difference

In order to generate the FTP protocol, the existence of the FTP client and the FTP server is vital because they are the two main parties for FTP protocol that is employed by and large for the purpose of transferring the files over the immense universe of the internet. The nature of the FTP server is a high performance device the main objective of which is to hold the files and databases containing the vital information. This info must be able to satisfy the requests given by the FTP clients. The FTP client, on the other side, is a personal computer or a mobile device by nature. It performs its functionality with the help of a software application having the ability of communicating with a FTP server for the prime task of retrieving the desired files from it. It is the basic obligation of the FTP server to keeps on listening to the incoming requests all the time seeing that the clients can set off the communication session anytime anywhere by opening a control connection with the server only. After the establishment of the communication process, the server is bound to transfer the required files to the client because the data connection between the server and client is launched for this intention.

FTP Server

For the purpose of generating an FTP server, make sure that you have a high powered device. The duty that the FTP server has to perform is to contain the files and other information which can be asked by the FTP clients with the help of the internet or intranet. For obtaining the full performance of the FTP server, you have to run it on a permanent basis for the basic target of entertaining the incoming FTP requests all the time. For this purpose, the clients are in a need of making a control connection communication with the server that can be done for which the utilization of the port 21 is necessary. The major duty of the control connection is to remain open at the time when the whole communication session is running. The employment of this connection is needed for communicating the administration information. After the establishment of this process, the function of the port 20 is started in order to open a second connection launched with the communicated client that is generally known as a data connection. The data connection is responsible for completing the procedure of transferring the files. If you wish to stop the ongoing transfer of some files then you have to send an abort signal over the control connection.

FTP Client

In most of the situation, a FTP client may consist of a personal computer or a mobile device. This PC or mobile device must contain the application software that has the power of communicating with the FTP server. This is the communication process which allows the FTP client to retrieve the files from a FTP server. The procedure of the communication with the FTP server is initiated by the FTP client. The duties of the FTP clients include the availability of the destination server first in order to initiate the process of making the connection to the desired FTP server. This process can be accomplished after meeting a number of requirements such as the user name and a password. The procedure of the file transfer will be started in no time when the connection is set up. A huge number of the commercial FTP client software are available that support different platforms. The ranges of these clients software are different starting from the simple command line applications to GUI applications and some of them are able to provide user friendly environment as compared to others. Together with the FTP protocol, the FTP clients are able to support other internet protocols as well like FTP over SSH, FTPS (FTP over SSL), FXP (Site2site transfer) and lots of others.

Key Differences

  • It is necessary for the FTP server to remain always on while the FTP client is on when the connection establishment is required.
  • The major function of the FTP server is to offer the required files and information which are stored in it for future use. The FTP client, on the other hand, is the receiver or sender of this information and files and not working as an online storage device.
  • The nature of the FTP client is a software or application but the FTP server is a device by nature.
  • Unlike the FTP client, the FTP server works as a host.
  • To connect with a FTP server, the FTP client has to utilize some credentials not present in the case of FTP server.
  • The connection process is started from the FTP client.

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