Difference between Fruits and Vegetables

By Jaxson

Main Difference

Both, fruits and vegetables are edibles which are taken by us in our daily life. But the main difference between fruits and vegetables is, fruit is an edible which contains seed, that develops from ovary of a flowering plant but botanically, vegetables are all the parts of a plant like leaves, roots and stems. Seedy outgrowths are fruits while outgrowths from root or stems are vegetables.Both, fruits and vegetables are high in nutrition as both are rich in vitamins but low in fat.


Fruits are grown from seeds, on trees. Fruits are grown according to different climatic changes in different countries or regions. Fruits are rich in vitamins like vitamin A, C, E and many more. Some fruits are taken without peeling off their skin due to the presence of important minerals or vitamins in their skin. For instance, apple’s skin is rich in iron. Some fruits, like oranges or bananas are peeled off before being eaten. Botanically, fruits are developed from flower of the plant. Bud is formed on the stem of the plant which is converted to a flower and which finally changes to the fruit. In ovary of a flower, after fertilization takes place, embryo begins to form and the surrounding ovule becomes the fruit.


Vegetables are eaten by so many people around the world and are rich in cellulose, protein, minerals, vitamins. Vegetables are technically edible roots, like in the case of potatoes, or edible stems, leaves, or other soft parts of a plant. Most people also categorize vegetables as the source of main course of their meal. Starch vegetables like beetroot or potatoes are high in sugar as well calories. Those who are vegan, they eat vegetables as a big part of their life because they simple count not eat anything else apart from these vegetables. Most of the diet plans also consist of high vegetable intake.

Key Differences

  • Fruits are developed from seeds but vegetable from roots, stems or leaves of the plant.
  • Vegetables are edible parts of a plant but fruits are ovaries of flowering plants which have ripened.
  • Fruits mostly consist of seeds but vegetables do not.
  • Fruits are mostly sweet or sometimes tart but on the other hand, vegetables are not that sweet. Every vegetable has its own taste.
  • Fruits are low in fats or calories but some vegetables consist of high carbohydrate or starch component.

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