Difference between Following and Followers

By Jaxson

Main Difference

What you understand by the term following and followers? If you are thinking that it means to physically follow someone or to accept someone as your leader and start to obey his commands, than you are failed in getting the meaning of these two words. These two terms are basically used in case of social media like Twitter and Facebook. In fact, these are mostly used for Twitter. After going through this article you will surely understand their purposes and differences.


If we explore the term following in context of Twitter than it means to follow someone on Twitter by subscribing his account or page. The purpose of following is to receive regular updates on your home page of Twitter and directly communicate via messages to the person to whom you are following. You can follow up to 2000 people on Twitter. In short, it is a kind of an activity.


Again explore this term in context of Twitter than it means the persons or people who are the subscriber of your page or group are your followers. The purpose of this tool is to propagate your message or any kind of social services to massive range of people. After becoming the followers the account holder of Twitter can see your latest activities on his or your home page and can directly communicate with you via message. There is no limit of followers as a person can have million of followers at Twitter.

Key Differences

  • If you are following someone than you can see his latest posts and status at your home page but same cannot be achieved in case of followers. Status of followers cannot be seen on the home tab of a person who has followers or who is being followed.
  • Following is used for users to whom you follow and followers is used for users who follow you.
  • There is restriction in case of following and you can follow up to 2000 people while there is no such restriction in case of followers as you can have million of followers.
  • In English grammar follower is an adjective and noun while following is an activity so it is a verb.
  • The person who is being followed or has followers can be a famous personality or celebrity while the person who is following is always from a general public.

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