Difference between FBI and US Marshal

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The FBI is the Federal bureau of investigation. It serves as a criminal investigation center and an intelligence bureau both. while US marshal is the extended arm of the courts and does the investigation to help in court cases.


The FBI stand for Federal bureau of Investigation. It runs under the Us department of justice. It serves as a federal criminal investigation and as an Internal intelligence agency both.

US Marshal

US marshal is the oldest law enforcement firms in the US. it is more of a law enforcement firm for federal courts.

Key Differences

  • The Us marshal is the oldest law enforcing firm of USA. while FBI is more modern.
  • The focus of US marshals is law enforcement according to federal courts and assist them in investigations while FBI is an intelligence agency and a judicial investigation firm as well.
  • US marshals are responsible for court security, witness security, seeking refuges etc. FBI is more responsible for national security.
  • In a line US marshal imposes laws and FBI protects laws.
  • The FBI has offices in more than 50 countries and US marshals have offices in US only.
  • FBI headquarters are in Washington and US marshal headquarters are in Arlington.

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