Difference between F15 and F16

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The fighter plane of the F-15 able to do to a great degree high speeds and heights, while the F-16 is a less capable yet more flexibility single-motor contender flying machine. The F-15 is viewed as a standout amongst the best and considerable warrior airship ever worked, with more than 100 flying dogfight triumphs and zero dogfighting misfortunes. It can work in all climate conditions, convey an assortment of aerial and air-to-surface weapons, and is outfitted with an M61 Vulcan Cannon. The F-16 is a less expensive, lighter, somewhat less intense flying machine, yet was composed without breaking a sweat of upkeep and mobility. Initially proposed as an air predominance day contender, it has turned into an adaptable all-climate, multi-part airship and has the same M61 Vulcan Cannon as the F-15. The F-15 has created accordingly the Air Force’s longing for an overwhelming air prevalence contender fit for ground assaults, somewhat to counter the apparent danger from the Soviet Mig Foxbat airplane being worked on in the late 1960’s. The fast/long-run necessities for the plane drove McDonnell Douglas to the twin-motor configuration of the F-15. There are currently almost 10 forms of the F-15, with so many variations as a lower radar signature, 2-seat coaches, and enhanced all-climate radar models. The F-15 anticipated that would be in administration with the US Air Force until no less than 2025. After the Vietnam War, the US military chose it required a very flexibility and modest contender plane to supplement the all the more effective and expensive F-15. The F-16 was created by General Dynamics with the objective of having the capacity to move with a base measure of vitality misfortune, and to have a high pushed to weight proportion. Having a solitary motor kept the airship light and flexibility. There are additionally around 10 variations of the F-16, which is likewise anticipated that would be in administration with the US Air Force until no less than 2025. The F-15 is described by its twin-motor design, giving the airship so much push that it can quicken while climbing straight up at a 90-degree point, and can climb 30,000 feet in only 60 seconds. The twin-tail and cleared wing plan takes into consideration a high approach and great dependability at to a great degree high speeds. The F-16 is a solitary tail, single-motor airship, utilizing the same Pratt and Whitney P100 plane motor as the F-15. It was the principal generation flying machine planned with loose, or negative, soundness. The most airship is composed with positive soundness, which means they actually need to come back to straight and level flight with no contribution from the pilot. Having loose soundness implies accordingly makes moving more effective as far as vitality misfortune, as the airframe is not opposing moves. The installed PC keeps the F-16 stable. With a full heap of fuel, the airship can support 9 G moves.


The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is an American twin-motor, all-climate strategic contender airship outlined by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) to pick up and keep up air amazingness in aeronautical battle. Taking after audits of recommendations, the United States Air Force chose McDonnell Douglas’ outline in the year of 1967. The Eagle first flew in July 1972 and entered administration in 1976. It is among the best current contenders, with more than 100 triumphs and no misfortunes in airborne battle, with most of the murders scored by the Israel Air Force. The Eagle has been sent out to Israel, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. The F-15 was initially imagined as an immaculate air predominance flying machine. Its configuration incorporated an auxiliary ground-assault capability that was to a great extent unused. The flying machine outline demonstrated sufficiently adaptable that an all-climate strike subsidiary, the F-15E Strike Eagle, was later created and entered administration in 1989. The F-15 Eagle is required to be in administration with the U.S. Aviation based armed forces past 2025. Newer models are as yet being created for outside clients. The F-15 creation line is set to end in 2019, 47 years after the sort’s first flight.


The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a solitary motor multirole contender airship initially created by General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) for the United States Air Force (USAF). Outlined as an air prevalence day warrior, it developed into an effective all-climate multirole flying machine. More than 4,500 airships have been worked since creation was endorsed in 1976. Although didn’t really being acquired by the U.S. Aviation based armed forces, enhanced forms are as yet being worked for fare customers. The Fighting Falcon has key elements including a frameless air pocket shelter for better side-mounted control that sticks to straightforwardness control in the moving position, a seat leaned back 30 degrees to diminish the impact of g-strengths on the pilot.

Key Differences

  • The role of the f15 is to work as an Air superiority fighter while the f16 works as a Multirole fighter aircraft.
  • The number of engines in the f15 are 2 but the f16 has only one engine.
  • The length of the f15 is greater than that of the f16.

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