Difference between CPU and GPU

By Jaxson

Main Difference

Every part of computer and laptop is important to make the computer functional and have its own special purpose. Like other components, CPU and GPU are two most important parts of computer and laptop. If one is brain then other is the hand of computer. So the whole body is dependent on the every part of the body. Due to invention in technology their features has been raised also but differences still exists between both. Scroll down for the introduction of CPU and GPU and key differences between them.


Central Processing Unit (CPU), commonly known as a processor is a part of compute, where all calculations take place. This is the brain of computer and there is no concept of computer without CPU because without CPU computer will not be functional. All basic arithmetic and logical operations are performed by CPU. With the passage of time, their structure has been changed but functions remains almost same. ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and CU (Control Unit) are the primary components of CPU. All kinds of logical and arithmetic functions are performed by ALU. While input and output controls functions are performed by CU. ALU is more dependent on the CU because CU fetches the information from memory and carry out and decodes it on the instructions of ALU. Modern CPU are replaced by microprocessor and are capable of performing at fast speed than before.


Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), commonly known as video card or graphic card is a part of computer, which is specialized in creating images or display by manipulating and altering the system memory. It is also a kind of processor based on electronic circuit and embedded in motherboard. Image processing, texturing, shading and computer graphics is the main purpose of the latest GPU. This is developed to lift the load of graphical structuring from CPU. As the demand for 3D and 2D graphics increased its acceleration also raised. Some GPU has the capability to decode the HD and other video data without the help of CPU. Modern day video games and HD videos required powerful GPU to gives higher results. Nvidia GeForce 256 was the first GPU in the world released in 1999, which was capable of processing 10 million polygons in one second.

Key Differences

  • Both CPU and GPU are the core tools of instrument but CPU has some priority over GPU. CPU works as a brain of computer while GPU is a component of computer like other components and used to implement the instructions of CPU.
  • CPU performs more functions than GPU. It can also performs and executes the functions of GPU but at slower speed.
  • CPU is the main processor of computer and performs almost everything while GPU performs video data because it is simple a video card or graphic card.
  • System can function without GPU while without CPU it will not function properly. GPU just share the burden of CPU to executes and decodes graphical data.

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