Difference between Browsing and Surfing

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The terms browsing and surfing are related to search and access something on the Internet. Many of us have no idea about same alike terms of computer and Internet and most of the terms being used interchangeably by us. Obviously there are some differences exists between browsing and surfing on the basis of their access and outcomes. So scroll down for the brief introduction of browsing and surfing and differences between them. After this you will come to know about, which term will be used on which occasion.


Browsing means searching for something specific about which we know that it will be available at a particular place. When we elaborate this term in aspect of Internet than it means searching for some specific thing on a specific website. In browsing we already have some clear idea about our purpose. For example when we types on a search engine like Google or Yahoo, Who was the first president of USA? In this case we are specific about a thing and we will get the desired result without any further satisfaction.


Before moving towards the introduction of surfing, imagine surfing is like a window shopping. Whenever you go into market to purchase something you almost goes into 6 to 10 shops to collect that thing, which you wants. Surfing is like that you search something on Internet and you are not clear about it. For example you types on the Google, list of most popular watch brands of the world. It will shows you the bulk amount of pages and now you have to search for the most popular watch brands of the world by searching the sites randomly. So in surfing user is not specific about his search and he has to randomly search out the material.

Key Differences

  • Browsing means searching for something specific while surfing means randomly searching for something.
  • Surfing is time consuming than browser because in surfing you have to read out lot of pages to get the desired result.
  • Satisfaction and information in surfing is more than browsing because when you search out for lot of material it results in increase of your knowledge.
  • Surfing is a wide term than browsing because in case of doubt on given resource, browsing converts into surfing to search for the reliable material.

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