Difference between Bigot and Racist

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between bigot and racist is that bigot means prioritizing own without insulting others while racist means discriminating others on the basis of race.

Comparison Chart

Basis of DistinctionBigotRacist
DefinitionA person who believes in his own superiority and intolerant towards people for opinioning differentlyAn individual who believes in the superiority of one race to another
BehaviorNarrow-minded, blinkered, unable to see the point of views of othersBelieving in the superiority of own race over another or acting differently towards an individual or group of people because of their race
DiscriminationDiscriminates on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, socioeconomic, etc.Discriminates on the basis of race only
Extremism LevelLowHigh


According to definitions prescribed by most of the dictionaries, the term bigot is the narrow mindedness of individuals who are distinctive or have diverse perspectives and suppositions to their selves. It is the demonstration of reliable and preposterous convictions against people, with a critical air. A bigot can frequently be mixed up with racism or prejudice, yet it is in certainty a racism in its own particular right. It is a more serious type of segregation than that of a racist as undesired conduct joins it, it is regularly unmindful and resentful in its temperament and does not require a framework or any social energy to connect with it. It can simply be a solitary individual who prompts a particular event of dogmatism. It can be difficult to recognize in normal daily existence the contrasts between these two terms and the people who fight against the individuals who show bias practices can likewise be named as the like since they are in actuality being negative towards the individuals who are intolerant. In any case, comprehend that extremism is the insensible show of contempt towards a man or group of persons and in this way being against bigotry is in actuality being for resilience. Bigotry is more grounded than preference, a more serious attitude and frequently joined by oppressive conduct. It’s self-important and gutless, however, requires neither frameworks nor energy to take part in.


Much like bigotry, racism is a sort of discrimination all alone. The conviction all individuals from a specific race have attributes, qualities and particular properties that all present them as the same and are mediocre compared to different races. It is mainly a system and permits the individuals who are in energy to proceed in their positions by subduing people around them who they esteem lesser than they are. It is most essential in America in white groups who allude to dark individuals as nothing superior to anything slave work. Racism regularly appears as social activities, practices or convictions, or political frameworks that consider distinctive races to be positioned as innately better or second rate than each other, given assumed shared inheritable attributes, capacities, or qualities. It might likewise hold that individuals from various races ought to be dealt with in an unexpected way. Established types of racism incorporate racial segregation which is the detachment of people through a procedure of social division into classes not really identified with races for motivations behind differential treatment. Additionally, institutional bigotry is racial separation by governments, companies, religions, or instructive foundations or other substantial associations with the ability to impact the lives of numerous people. These are quantifiable known and effortlessly identifiable.

Key Differences

  • A bigot is a wider term as compared to the racist. Bigot deals with all kind of prejudice such as socioeconomic, sexual orientation, religion, religion, race, etc. On the other hand, racistly is about discrimination of race only.
  • Racism is responsible for the human massacre, Holocaust, slave trade and other human issues while bigot has so far no visible negative impacts.
  • Racism can exist in group form while there is no shape of a bigot as it varies from a person from person.
  • A bigot doesn’t deprive the others of their rights; however, it can result in high-prejudice and discrimination, while, racism totally deprives others of their rights.
  • Racist is the violation of human rights while bigot is not considered to be against human rights.
  • Bigot means thinking own superior to others while racist means are practically dealing others as an inferior one.
  • There are laws against racist but no laws against the bigot.
  • Bigot opposes the opinions of others while racist opposes the people at all.
  • Racism is an ideology while bigot is an opinion and behavior only.

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