Detective vs. Spy

By Jaxson

  • Detective

    A detective is an investigator, usually a member of a law enforcement agency. They often collect information to solve crime by talking to witnesses and informants, collecting physical evidence, or searching records in databases. This leads them to arrest criminals and enable them to be convicted in court. A detective may work for the police or privately.

  • Detective (noun)

    A police officer who looks for evidence as part of solving a crime; an investigator.

  • Detective (noun)

    A person employed to find information not otherwise available to the public.

  • Detective (adjective)

    Employed in detecting.

  • Spy (noun)

    A person who secretly watches and examines the actions of other individuals or organizations and gathers information on them (usually to gain an advantage).

  • Spy (verb)

    To act as a spy.

    “During the Cold War, Russia and America would each spy on each other for recon.”

  • Spy (verb)

    To spot; to catch sight of.

    “I think I can spy that hot guy coming over here.”

  • Spy (verb)

    To search narrowly; to scrutinize.

  • Spy (verb)

    To explore; to see; to view; inspect and examine secretly, as a country.


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