Descendent vs. Descendant

By Jaxson

  • Descendent (adjective)

    descending; going down

    “The elevator resumed its descendent trajectory.”

  • Descendent (adjective)

    descending from (an ancestor)

    “Power in the kingdom is transferred in a descendent manner.”

  • Descendent (noun)

    misspelling of descendant

  • Descendant (adjective)

    descending from a biological ancestor.

  • Descendant (adjective)

    proceeding from a figurative ancestor or source.

  • Descendant (noun)

    One who is the progeny of a specified person, at any distance of time or through any number of generations.

    “The patriarch survived many descendants: five children, a dozen grandchildren, even a great grandchild.”

  • Descendant (noun)

    A thing that derives directly from a given precursor or source.

    “This famous medieval manuscript has many descendants.”

  • Descendant (noun)

    A later evolutionary type.

    “Dogs evolved as descendants of early wolves.”

  • Descendant (noun)

    A language that is descended from another.

    “English and Scots are the descendants of Old English.”

  • Descendant (noun)

    A word or form in one language that is descended from a counterpart in an ancestor language.

  • Descendent (adjective)

    descending from an ancestor

    “there are 60 descendent families”

    “descendent lineages”

Oxford Dictionary

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