Deputation vs. Secondment

By Jaxson

  • Secondment

    Secondment is the assignment of a member of one organisation to another organisation for a temporary period. The employee typically retains their salary and other employment rights from their primary organisation but they work closely within the other organisation to provide training and the sharing of experience. This is not to be confused with Temporary work.

    For example, statisticians from the Government Statistical Service may be assigned to the Full Fact charity, to check statistics presented in political campaigns and the mass media.

  • Deputation (noun)

    The act of deputing, or of appointing or commissioning a deputy or representative; office of a deputy or delegate; vicegerency.

  • Deputation (noun)

    The person or persons deputed or commissioned by another person, party, or public body to act in his or its behalf; a delegation.

    “The general sent a deputation to the enemy to propose a truce.”

  • Deputation (noun)

    Among Christian missionaries, the process or period of time during which they raise support in preparation for going to their mission field.

  • Secondment (noun)

    the process or state of being seconded, the temporary transfer of a person from their normal duty to another assignment.

  • Deputation (noun)

    a group of people appointed to undertake a mission or take part in a formal process on behalf of a larger group

    “he had been a member of a deputation to Napoleon III”

  • Secondment (noun)

    the temporary transfer of an official or worker to another position or employment

    “he spent two years on secondment to the Department of Industry”

Oxford Dictionary

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