Debark vs. Disembark

By Jaxson

  • Disembark

    Disembarkation or debarcation is the process of leaving a ship or aircraft, or removing goods from a ship or aircraft. (debark: from the French des meaning “from”, and, barque, meaning “small ship”).

  • Debark (verb)

    To unload goods from an aircraft or ship.

  • Debark (verb)

    To disembark.

  • Debark (verb)

    To remove the bark from a tree that has been felled.

  • Debark (verb)

    To devocalize (a dog).

  • Disembark (verb)

    To remove from on board a vessel; to put on shore

    “The general disembarked the troops.”


  • Disembark (verb)

    To go ashore out of a ship or boat; to leave a train or airplane


  • Debark (verb)

    leave a ship or aircraft

    “we debarked from our cruise ship for a day of fun”

  • Debark (verb)

    unload (cargo or troops) from a ship or aircraft

    “the ship would simply sail into the harbour, dock, and begin debarking troops”

  • Debark (verb)

    remove (the bark) from a tree

    “the timber was then debarked and treated with insecticide”

Oxford Dictionary

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