Dap vs. Fap

By Jaxson

  • Dap (noun)

    Elaborate handshake, especially hooking thumbs.

  • Dap (noun)

    A fistbump.


  • Dap (verb)

    To greet with a dap.

  • Fap (adjective)


  • Fap (interjection)

    To indicate that someone (normally the speaker) is either masturbating, or inspired to by sexual arousal.

    “I was watching some porn – fap fap fap – when my computer crashed, again!”

    “She’s single?… *fap fap fap*”

  • Fap (verb)

    To masturbate.

  • Fap (noun)

    A session of masturbation.

    “I was horny, so I had a quick fap in the public restroom.”

  • Fap (noun)


    “I’ve just downloaded loads of fap for while I’m away.”

  • Dap (verb)

    fish by letting the fly (but not the line) bob lightly on the water

    “he was dapping the fly skilfully”

    “dapping was almost a sure-fire method”

  • Dap (noun)

    a fishing fly used when dapping

    “most of the fish are being taken on the dap”

  • Dap (noun)

    rubber-soled shoes

    “hi-hats and daps are the order of the day”

  • Dap (noun)

    an elaborate handshake that typically involving slapping palms, bumping fists, or snapping fingers

    “Lance stopped to sign autographs and give dap to folks”

    “I knew I had done something right when one of the students put out his hand for some dap”

    “everybody laughed and gave daps and high fives”

  • Fap (verb)

    (of a man) masturbate.

Oxford Dictionary

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