Crystalize vs. Crystallize

By Jaxson

  • Crystalize (verb)

    alternative spelling of crystallize

  • Crystallize (verb)

    to make something form into crystals

    “I crystallized the copper sulphate by slowly cooling a saturated solution.”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    to assume a crystalline form

    “The copper sulphate crystallized from solution.”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    to give something a definite or precise form

    “After some thought, I crystallized my ideas for the paper.”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    to take a definite form

    “My ideas crystallized overnight.”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    to coat something with crystals, especially with sugar

    “We crystallized the fruit by coating in sugar.”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    form or cause to form crystals

    “when most liquids freeze they crystallize”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    coat and impregnate (fruit or petals) with sugar as a means of preserving them

    “a box of crystallized fruits”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    make or become definite and clear

    “vague feelings of unrest crystallized into something more concrete”

    “writing can help to crystallize your thoughts”

  • Crystallize (verb)

    convert or be converted from a floating charge into a fixed charge

    “the sale may not crystallize the charge”

    “no deduction is given for contingent liabilities until they crystallize”

Oxford Dictionary

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