Controlled vs. Controled

By Jaxson

  • Controlled (adjective)

    Inhibited or restrained in one’s words and actions.

  • Controlled (adjective)

    Resulting from a comparison with control samples.

  • Controlled (adjective)

    Under the control of the specified entity.

  • Controled (verb)

    misspelling of controlled

  • Controlled (adjective)

    not showing emotion; having one’s feelings under control

    “she’s a very controlled player and is mentally tough”

    “his every word seemed to be calm and controlled”

  • Controlled (adjective)

    under the control of someone or something

    “rebel-controlled areas of the country”

    “the country’s tightly controlled financial markets”

  • Controlled (adjective)

    having been limited in intensity or level; kept in check

    “a display of controlled aggression”

    “the office was in a state of controlled chaos”

  • Controlled (adjective)

    (of a drug) restricted by law with respect to use and possession

    “a sentence for possessing controlled substances”

  • Controlled (adjective)

    (of an explosion) produced deliberately under conditions that are determined beforehand

    “bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on the suspicious object”

  • Controlled (adjective)

    (of an experiment, test, etc.) carried out under conditions that preclude error or the influence of extraneous factors

    “the first randomized controlled trial to study the effects of copper bracelets on rheumatoid arthritis”

Oxford Dictionary

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