Consumable vs. Expendable

By Jaxson

  • Expendable

    Expendable is a science fiction novel by the Canadian author James Alan Gardner, published in 1997 by HarperCollins Publishers under its various imprints. It is the first book in a series involving the “League of Peoples”, an assemblage of advanced species in the Milky Way galaxy. There is a “sub-series” involving just the character Festima Ramos, and sometimes the female Oar.

    The novel introduces many concepts in Gardner’s “League of Peoples” universe, such as the Explorer Corps, Sentient Citizens, and the League itself.

  • Consumable (adjective)

    That is consumed or depleted upon use.

  • Consumable (adjective)

    That may be eaten.

  • Consumable (noun)

    A material or product that is produced for consumption.

    “printer consumables such as toner and ink cartridges”

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Able to be expended; not inexhaustible.

    “Oil and other expendable resources are frequently the subject of military disputes.”

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Designed for a single use; not reusable.

    “The anti-aircraft rocket is fired from an expendable launch platform.”

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Not essential or mandatory in order to achieve a goal.

    “The research department was deemed expendable, and its funding was not renewed.”

  • Expendable (adjective)

    Regarded as not preserving or saving; able to be sacrificed.

    “In the internecine rivalries of large corporations, whole departments may become expendable in the execution of one executive’s power play.”

  • Expendable (noun)

    An expendable person or object; usually used in the plural.

    “Private Johnson was afraid the Lieutenant considered him an expendable, since he was always picked as point man.”


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