Compliance vs. Incompliance

By Jaxson

  • Compliance (noun)

    An act of complying.

  • Compliance (noun)

    The accuracy with which a patient follows an agreed treatment plan

  • Compliance (noun)

    The department of a business that ensures all government regulations are complied with.

  • Incompliance (noun)

    The condition of being incompliant; a refusal to comply.

  • Compliance (noun)

    the action or fact of complying with a wish or command

    “the ways in which the state maintains order and compliance”

  • Compliance (noun)

    the state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards

    “all imports of timber are in compliance with regulations”

    “this paper estimates the compliance costs of such a policy change”

  • Compliance (noun)

    the property of a material of undergoing elastic deformation or (of a gas) change in volume when subjected to an applied force. It is equal to the reciprocal of stiffness.

  • Compliance (noun)

    the ability of an organ to distend in response to applied pressure.

Oxford Dictionary

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