Collaboration vs. Confrontation

By Jaxson

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. Collaboration is similar to cooperation. Most collaboration requires leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a decentralized and egalitarian group. Teams that work collaboratively often access greater resources, recognition and rewards when facing competition for finite resources.Structured methods of collaboration encourage introspection of behavior and communication. Such methods aim to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem-solving.

    Collaboration is present in opposing goals exhibiting the notion of adversarial collaboration, though this is not a common use of the term.

    In its applied sense,”(a) collaboration is a purposeful relationship in which all parties strategically choose to cooperate in order to accomplish a shared outcome.”

  • Collaboration (noun)

    The act of collaborating.

    “Collaboration can be a useful part of the creative process.”

  • Collaboration (noun)

    A production or creation made by collaborating.

    “The husband-and-wife artists will release their new collaboration in June this year.”

  • Collaboration (noun)

    Treasonous cooperation.

    “He has been charged with collaboration.”

  • Confrontation (noun)

    The act of confronting or challenging another, especially face to face.

  • Confrontation (noun)

    A conflict between armed forces.

  • Collaboration (noun)

    the action of working with someone to produce something

    “he wrote a book in collaboration with his son”

  • Collaboration (noun)

    something produced in collaboration with someone

    “his recent opera was a collaboration with Lessing”

  • Collaboration (noun)

    traitorous cooperation with an enemy

    “he faces charges of collaboration”

  • Confrontation (noun)

    a hostile or argumentative situation or meeting between opposing parties

    “a confrontation with the legislature”

    “four months of violent confrontation between government and opposition forces”

  • Confrontation (noun)

    a situation where two players or sides compete to win a sporting contest

    “the race promised a classic confrontation between the two top runners in the world”

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