Clapboard vs. Shiplap

By Jaxson

  • Shiplap

    Shiplap is a type of wooden board used commonly as exterior siding in the construction of residences, barns, sheds, and outbuildings.

  • Clapboard (noun)

    A narrow board, usually thicker at one edge than the other, used as siding for houses and similar structures of frame construction.

  • Clapboard (noun)

    Such boards, arranged horizontally and overlapping with thick edge down, collectively, as siding.

  • Clapboard (noun)

    An oak board of a size used for barrel staves.

  • Clapboard (noun)

    A clapper board; a device used in film production, having hinged boards that are brought together with a clap, used to synchronize picture and sound at the start of each take of a motion picture or other video production.

  • Clapboard (verb)

    To cover with clapboards.

    “to clapboard the sides of a house”

  • Shiplap (noun)

    A type of wooden board that has rabbets to allow them to be overlapped.

  • Clapboard (noun)

    a long, thin, flat piece of wood with edges horizontally overlapping in series, used to cover the outer walls of buildings

    “neat clapboard houses”

  • Clapboard (noun)

    a house with outer walls covered in clapboards.

  • Shiplap (verb)

    fit (boards) together so that each overlaps the one below

    “I shiplapped the boards and then glued and screwed them to the braces”

  • Shiplap (noun)

    boards which have been shiplapped, typically used for cladding

    “shingles rest on roofing paper laid on shiplap”

  • Shiplap (noun)

    a joint between boards made by halving

    “a shiplap joint”

Oxford Dictionary

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