Cinque vs. Five

By Jaxson

  • Cinque (noun)

    A card, die, or domino with five spots or pips.

  • Five (numeral)

    A numerical value equal to 5; the number following four and preceding six.

  • Five (numeral)

    Describing a group or set with five elements.

  • Five (noun)

    The digit/figure 5.

    “He wrote a five followed by four zeroes.”

  • Five (noun)

    A banknote with a denomination of five units of currency. See also fiver.

    “Can anyone here change a five?”

  • Five (noun)

    Anything measuring five units, as length.

    “All the fives are over there in the corner, next to the fours.”

  • Five (noun)

    A person who is five years old.

    “The fives and sixes will have a snack first, then the older kids.”

  • Five (noun)

    Five o’clock.

    “See you at five.”

  • Five (noun)

    A short rest, especially one of five minutes.

    “Take five, soldier.””

  • Five (noun)

    A basketball team, club or lineup.


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