Choose vs. Select

By Jaxson

  • Choose (verb)

    To pick; to make the choice of; to select.

    “I chose a nice ripe apple from the fruit bowl.”

  • Choose (verb)

    To elect.

    “He was chosen as president in 1990.”

  • Choose (verb)

    To decide to act in a certain way.

    “I chose to walk to work today.”

  • Choose (verb)

    To wish; to desire; to prefer.

    “Choose truth, and find beauty. Choose love, and embrace change. ― Justin Deschamps”

  • Choose (conjunction)

    The binomial coefficient of the previous and following number.

    “The number of distinct subsets of size k from a set of size n is tbinom nk or “n choose k”.”

  • Choose (noun)

    The act of choosing; selection.

  • Choose (noun)

    The power, right, or privilege of choosing; election.

  • Choose (noun)

    Scope for choice.

  • Select (adjective)

    Privileged, specially selected.

    “Only a select few were allowed into the premiere.”

  • Select (adjective)

    Of high quality; top-notch.

    “This is a select cut of beef.”

  • Select (verb)

    To choose one or more elements of a set, especially a set of options.

    “He looked over the menu, and selected the roast beef.”

    “The program computes all the students’ grades, then selects a random sample for human verification.”

  • Select (verb)

    To obtain a set of data from a database using a query.


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