Choose vs. Chose

By Jaxson

  • Chose

    Chose (pronounced: , French for “thing”) is a term used in common law tradition in different senses. A chose local is a thing annexed to a place, such as a mill. A chose transitory is something movable, that can be carried from place to place. However, chose in those senses is practically obsolete, and it is now used only in the phrases chose in action and chose in possession.

  • Choose (verb)

    To pick; to make the choice of; to select.

    “I chose a nice ripe apple from the fruit bowl.”

  • Choose (verb)

    To elect.

    “He was chosen as president in 1990.”

  • Choose (verb)

    To decide to act in a certain way.

    “I chose to walk to work today.”

  • Choose (verb)

    To wish; to desire; to prefer.

    “Choose truth, and find beauty. Choose love, and embrace change. ― Justin Deschamps”

  • Choose (conjunction)

    The binomial coefficient of the previous and following number.

    “The number of distinct subsets of size k from a set of size n is tbinom nk or “n choose k”.”

  • Choose (noun)

    The act of choosing; selection.

  • Choose (noun)

    The power, right, or privilege of choosing; election.

  • Choose (noun)

    Scope for choice.

  • Chose (noun)

    A thing; personal property.


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